Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ride the Walrus Rocks!

I have a confession to make. One that includes me saying, " I was wrong and Phil, you were right." I hate those kind of confessions. And the confession...I love Guitar Hero. (I was wrong, by the way, because I insisted that if we bought Guitar Hero, it would get used one time and then never again.)
Nothing says fun like all of us eating dinner together, the wives chatting and then wondering where did all the guys go, putting all of the kids to bed, and heading downstairs to the theatre room (because it needs to have big sound, according to Phil) and finding all the guys...Phil on drums, Rob and Gregg each with a guitar, and Jared on vocals in the middle of a rousing rendition of Livin' On a Prayer. Truly.
It all began two days prior when Phil and I were in a Best Buy. He challenged me to just try it and see if I liked it. Well...after delivering a sound defeat to Phil on Walk This Way, I was hooked. And then had to try it again. Compare it to Rock Band. And then try Guitar Hero again. Long story, short...we bought the whole band-2 guitars, drums, and microphone. Oh, and of course the extra Wii remote needed. Fast forward to last Friday night and Ride the Walrus was born. (The name of our band, of course.)
Sometimes it was just all the guys. Sometimes it was an all chick band. (Rock star talk, you know. And here's where I insert that our rendition of Beat It was spot on. Kudos to Kristi for some sweet drum action.) Sometimes it was a mix. All the much fun!! So much fun that we realized that we'd been playing for 5 hours. So much fun that it found us running home after a movie on Sunday night to get in another hour or so before the Haus' sitter needed to leave. I just knew listening to Hotel California so much that I memorized the lyrics would come in handy some day.