Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok, I'll add a post!

After many conversations this week that went something like..."When are you ever going to write on your blog?" or "You'll never write anything on your blog." (Rob) and after I reminded people that we weren't in Australia yet so how can I write about it, I have broken down and decided to write my first post today, the morning we leave. I cannot believe we leave today. We're all packed up, have said our not-goodbyes but I'll see you in March, and are waiting for my father-in-law to take us to the airport. (Is it a bad sign that I just typed in hospital without thinking and had to delete it to write airport or am I just that tired?)
I'm not looking forward to the flights (hello Toronto, Vancouver, and then Sydney) but am glad that the company is flying us in business class. My first time. the other half lives. But I can't get too comfortable because when I come back in March I am once again relegated to the cattle-car, er, coach section of the plane for my return trip. Nothing like 21 hours in a seat that "reclines".