Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Getting Out There

I've made my first venture out into the city. (I'm not counting last night when I walked to Phil's office to meet him for dinner and got lost and had to look at my street map three times to figure out where I was...can we just smack a tourist sticker on my forehead?) To celebrate my first day here without rain...yes, it's still overcast but at least it's not pouring rain,I walked to Phil's office (no need for the map, thank you very much) and met him for lunch. As we walked around the food court, I foresaw a lot of fish and chips in my future.
For those who know me best, I generally do not deviate from my list of foods that I know that I like. I do not experiment. I do not try new things.
Australia has a lot of new things. I did decide on the fish and chips (which is included on my list of foods I like). Phil got a Portuegese chicken sandwich on Turkish bread. As you can see...trying new things when it comes to food is one way in which we differ.
After lunch, Phil went back to work and I went out on my own. After much investigation on the internet, I discovered a Christian book store, can you believe it, one block down from where his office is???!!! Again, for those who know me best, I officially list reading as one of my hobbies. I checked it out. Food is not the only thing that is expensive in Australia.
Books that I can get at CBD back home for anywhere from $7 to $10 cost close to $20 here. BUT...I did find one for $5.80 that just happened to be one that I had seen before and wanted to read. My first experience with using Australian money. I used my $2 coins and had no problems to report. (Yes, Phil paid for my lunch because it was very crowded, people everywhere and I didn't want to fumble around in my purse. ) And who, by the way, charges 20 cents for each ketchup packet (or tomato sauce) as its called here??
After leaving the bookstore I slipped on my IPod and walked the streets of Sydney listening to Jeremy Camp. (a collective sigh is heard from the DAGS near and far) Nothing like it! Listening to the words..."Because I can rest my hope in You. 'Cause everywhere I go, I know You're not far away. I know that You're here...You're right here. Jesus, You're right here." How true. The God of Langhorne, PA is also the God of Sydney, Australia. That is a great thought!
Before I go...I've just been informed that Sox, our dog now has his own blog. Check out www.missingmysox.blogspot.com for the latest news. Although you who know him already know his latest news...eating, sleeping, playing with his ball, more sleeping...


Taylor & Jessica said...

Way to go Sandra! Yep...not trying new things and reading sounds like me too...us non-adventure types. If you can live in a foreign country, then maybe I can too:)

Beavis said...

It's ok about the food thing...you don't like to deviate much from chicken fingers and fries...I'll be amazed to see what you'll be eating in a few months from now! Little steps...LOL! You and a book? Gotta be kidding... Love you:)