Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pictures from Olympic Park

Karen, I know you've been waiting to see these. I think, finally, I've figured out how to attach pictures. The first one is me at the Olympic Park sign. The next two are inside the Aquatic Center. When they built it for the Olympics, they also built a smaller pool along with a slide and toddler pools because they wanted to be able to make much use out of it after the Olympics were over. There was a swim club swim meet going on while we were there.For $6 you can also come and swim for the day. The next two pictures are of Telstra Stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies were held.

Oh...and by the way, there IS an Outback Steakhouse in Australia! We went there for dinner last night. Well I'm off to the park to enjoy the sunshine (finally). Although I saw on the news last night that it's supposed to rain Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, and Sun. Oh joy.


Sandra said...

Wow, thank goodness for you all that she left out the pictures of me in my speedos....

Beavis said...

WOW!! You lucky dog!! LOVE the pics!! I remember seeing them on tv! Havn't run into the Thorpedo yet, heh? Wish I was there! Can't wait to hear about all of the places you have seen! I look at my clock to see where you are in time all the about 8am in the morning wierd! Hope you adjusting well...I miss and love you much! Been keeping up on the politics over here? Super Tuesday wasn't so glad you are down under!!! Perfect timing!!
Talk to you again soon!
Love you