Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Ode to Australia's Greatest Invention

As mentioned in a previous post, last Friday night we took the train to Olympic Park to hear a free outdoor concert that they have there every Friday night during the summer. We brought a blanket to spread out on, but did not anticipate the grass being a bit wet from the previous day's rain. Lo and behold (thanks Jess for the catchy phrase) we noticed they were selling (for $8) the holy grail for anyone tired of holding themselves up in a sitting position. I give you....the Bum Box. Check out their website: (and I did not pay $8...the guy behind the counter took pity on the pathetic Yank with wet stains on her jeans and just gave it to me. ) And ode to a truly wonderous invention!

When I'm in pain and can sit no more

and my back and bum feel very sore.

I pull you out and promptly sit.

My Bum Box is a perfect fit!

You can support 120 kilograms.

That's me or Phil plus a bag of yams.

We plan to take you everywhere

because we came and brought no chair.

You fold up flat when we are done

and provide us with a lot of fun.

Woe to those who go without

a Bum Box...they will truly pout!


Taylor & Jessica said...

You crack me up! Very clever! And you didn't even have to pay for it...nice:)

Taylor & Jessica said...

Hey Sandra, do you want us to refill Sox's green antibiotic pills? Before you left, you weren't sure if you wanted him to keep taking them...Let us know:)

Faith said...

How cute. I think Phil missed his calling. He should be a model.

Mark M said...

Great photos Phil. Mmmm, and all this time I thought you were going to Sydney to work :-)