Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting Settled In

Well, things are looking much better after some needed sleep...although yes, still waking up at 4:00 am or so, but at least we're going back to sleep. We went to the Olympic Park yesterday and had a great time. It was so cool to walk the grounds. We got into Telstra Stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies were held. They were having some big Fan Day for a bunch of different rugby teams so we slipped in and took some pictures. (Yes, I still have to figure out how to post them.) Now rugby is interesting...I was watching a match on tv (not sure what they call it) and was trying to figure out the rules. A guy has the ball and is pretty much tackled to the ground but if he can throw the ball to another teamate, play continues down the field. Strange...but not as strange as cricket. Watched a bit of it on tv as well. Cannot figure that one out at all.
Speaking of tv. Phil found out that they are showing the SuperBowl tomorrow at 10:00 am (Monday) Whoo hoo...we bought some chips and salsa and American hotdogs (the ones that are not a sickening bright pink) for the game. He's coming home from work in the middle of the day and we'll pretend we're back in the good ole' USA watching the game.


Bob & Claire said...

Bob had to play rugby as a freshman at USAFA, and he ended up crawling off the field after one game on his elbows, having torn both ACLs in his knees. I guess it's a brutal game, if you don't know what you are doing and have to play with a bunch of upper-classmen who are really into it, LOL. Of course, I've never actually watched it, so you're a step ahead of me there. Have fun watching the Super Bowl! I was jsut telling the boys this morning about how when we were stationed in Okinawa, things like the Super Bowl were on at the weirdest hours, and we never watched anything like that the whole time we were overseas!

c&v said...

Hey Phil & Sandra,

It took me a while to understand cricket as well when I was in Asia. The most helpful thing I can say to help you understand is that cricket is like a weird baseball... In cricket, they only have two bases--instead of 3 & home. You are trying to win with the most runs. If a batter in cricket hits the ball outside of the boundary in the air, they receive an automatic 6 runs. If the batter hits the ball outside of the boundary on the ground, they receive an automatic 4 runs. If the batter hits the ball inside of the boundary--it can vary as to how many runs they will receive which is determined how many times they run back and forth between the "bases" and be safe---they are safe if they cross the safe line before the wickets/stumps are knocked over with the ball either by the ball itself from a throw or from an opposing player who catches the ball and then knocks the stumps over with the ball in his hands. There are 6 different ways for the batting team to get out. Also, when the bowler (pitcher) throws the ball, he is not allowed to bend his elbow when releasing the ball. The ball can either be a "full toss" pitch where it doesn't even hit the ground, and it can be a "bouncer"--where it hits the ground before it is either caught by the wicket keeper (catcher) or it hits the wickete. The bowler is trying to hit the wicket and knock the stumps off. I hope that this helps. Everything here is O.K. Thinking of you guys.

Taylor & Jessica said...

I have never seen a plane seat like that! (But I've also never been anywhere with 'the company' paying.) About your sports commentary, I say, stick to sports you know...or no sports at all... who needs 'em? Enjoy your SuperBowl party!

Beavis said...

Hidy Ho! Glad you are adjusting better!! Can't wait to see the pics-especially the apartment! What an amazing view!!! SO great to talk to you tonight!!! I'll be in touch this week...thinking of you!!
love you,