Saturday, February 2, 2008

Observations on the flight and my first day in Australia

1. I really like flying business class
All I can say is that was one long day of flying. I have never been on a plane for so long. The perks of business class included a seat that reclined fully flat, a suprisingly good filet of beef dinner (using real plates and glasses!) and a snack bar that was open during the whole flight t so that we could help ourselves whenever we wanted a snack or drink. The snack container of Pringles was especially good while watching "You've Got Mail" on my entertainment screen at my seat.

2. I'm really not going to like flying in coach when I come back in March.
My neck is anticipating the permanent crick as I imagine sleeping straight up and down with my neck flopping side to side.

3. It's really weird to sit in the front of a car on the left side and not be driving.
Phil is great at driving on the right side of the car while being in the left lanes. As we traveled along to our apartment building from the airport, I felt very confused as to where cars were turning and how I will possibly learn how to do it. I have visions of creating the biggest traffic jam Sydney has ever seen once I try it. I'm not really anxious to begin learning how...I figure I'll start my exploring on foot for now.

4. Our apartment looks...interesting.
Picture a lot of mirrors everywhere, lots of brown and orange, very modern everything. (Sorry Taylor and Jessica...the couch is brown, not yellow. An improvement!) Our table has clear plastic chairs and modern "art" here and there. (and yes, the recling nude statue on the table below our tv is going to be put away for our stay here.) Did you know that instead of handles, toilets in Australia have two buttons to push- one for a full flush and one for a half flush? Interesting idea. The whole wall in our family room (read kitchen, living area, and dining area all in one) is one big window (that opens up into a small balcony) with a terrific view of the Harbour bridge and the ferry terminals. Once I figure out how to post pictures, I'll put some up.

5. The Opera House looks a lot bigger when you're staring up at it from the steps surrounding it.
Last night we walked over to it (it's right next door!) and walked around. We picked up a schedule of events for the month of February. It's not just opera...they have concerts, plays, and dance there as well. Nothing looked too good. Not even the Glenn Campbell concert. (Sorry, Kelly) :) Maybe next month.

6. Everything is expensive here.
While walking around last night we stopped at Baskin Robbins (yeah, another taste of home) for a snack. Would you believe $4.80 for a single scoop ice cream cone? Yikes!

7. This is really different from home. Sigh.
I'm doing ok, but am having a tougher time being away from home then I thought I would. I've broken down several times since we've left. Over my chicken sandwich at the Burger King in the Philly airport before our flight (thinking of Sox). {An aside-Burger King over here is called Hungy Jack's"} Curious thought- are all my references to home about food? Listening to our first voice mail on our phone here from our pastor back home. Reading the book our Sunday School class wrote us during our "Not Farewell but Happy Travels" party. Sitting in a food court here not seeing anything that looks familiar. Even now as I type. I know things will get better (I'm sure lack of sleep is playing a part) but I just need to take things one day at a time.

Today we plan on going to Ikea to get some stuff for the apartment and then driving over to Olympic Park to check out where the 2000 Olympics were held. (Karen, I know you're jealous!) I'll take some pictures and then see if I can figure out how to post them here.


mary said...

Phil and Sandra!

Greetings to you 'down under'. We hope all is going well. Sure had some mixed emotions goin' on eh?
Keep us posted on your travels and whatnot. take care!

J & Mary...

Bob & Claire said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! I can imagine the tiredness/emotions cycle, LOL--sounds like being a new parent. After we move, it usually takes me a year before I start really feeling settled, and that's state-side!

Hang in there! : )

Beavis said...

Hey sis!!!I've never blogged before, so I think I get it...sorry it has taken me so long to get on! Mom keeps me was so hard for me to stay strong on the phone...I broke down after I hung up, but I realize that this is going to be an amazing experience for you!!! I love an miss you dearly!!!..I'm so darn jealous!!!...Olympic site???You lucky dog!! I can't wait for the pics! What amazing things/peolpe you will see and meet! Once you get on the time schedule there you will feel better...just know I think of you everyday and Jake, Sam and I have prepared a special package just for you!! Be looking for it!! We look for you on the map...Jake thinks we have to take a boat to come visit! I'll be writing all the time now that I know what to do and just know I will pray for you everyday!! You are going to have an amazing time and I just can't wait to hear about all the things you do!! BTW- did you remember to bring your BRAWWSSSH??..and I also bought some new zips with the Davy Jones album! I love you and can't wait to chat!!!
Love, Beavis