Friday, February 15, 2008

Pasty in Australia!

Tonight Phil and I walked over to Woolloomooloo (try saying that 5 times fast) an area of Sydney that is on the other side of the Botanical Gardens for dinner. We went to Harry's Cafe De Wheels. This is a food van which began as a pie cart in the 1940's serving "pie floaters" (meat pies and mashed peas.)
It is a big tourist stop now that whenever celebrities are in town, they go there and get their picture taken ordering food. A lot of celebrity photo frames are nailed on the outer walls so you can see whose been there. Phil bought a meat pie and I had a pasty. For those not of Upper Peninsula of Michigan descent, a pasty is a pie filled with meat, potatoes, carrots, and perhaps rutabaga, that is usually eaten with ketchup. Mine didn't have ketchup and also included peas and gravy inside, but it wasn't bad. Not mom's, but not bad.
Harry's is right near the navy base here in Sydney so I also added a picture. We had a great time walking along the Botanical Gardens all the way back to the Opera House and then home.


c&v said...

How fun! (Thanks for the description of Pasty....I had no idea at all)

Faith said...

Rob said, "He talked to Santa Clause and the North Pole is quite warmer then normal."

Sandra said...

Rob...I know what you're up to. Hardy, har har. (ok, it was a little funny.) :)