Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our New Neighbor

The other morning the Queen Victoria docked at the overseas terminal on the dock opposite of our apartment. The Queen Elizabeth II (QU II) docked at the Navy yard as well. Tonight at around 6:00 pm they will pass each other in Sydney Harbor and then the Queen Victoria will go out to sea while the QE II docks till tomorrow night. You would think it was actually Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth the way it is being hyped around here. You see gobs of people carrying all kinds of tripods and camera equipment to get the "best shot". There are signs posted all over the streets to direct people to the best viewing areas to see them pass each other. The crowds of people here in Circular Quay (where we live) have been huge. I present exhibit A. And now I give you...the Queen Victoria. It is definitely the biggest boat we've seen docked here in the harbor.

Saturday we hopped into the Jeep to drive around a bit...after a delicious breakfast at Pancakes-On-The-Rocks. Love those pancakes! We drove down to Paddington (a Sydney suburb) to go to the Paddington Bazaar, another open market of stalls that people sell...well, a bunch of junk. You'd think this is something Phil and I do all the time at home since this is the second Saturday in a row that we've done this...but no, it was just somewhere to go. The weather yesterday and today has been stunning (bright blue sky and lots of sunshine) so we wanted to go somewhere we could walk outside. We then drove over to the Watson's Bay area again to walk around the cliffs. We stumbled across a cricket match at this sports field on the top of one of the cliffs. Still quite a boring game...especially when seen in person and not just on tv. Phil says that any game that boys wear a straw hat to play is one for sissys. Still, a very pretty area.

This coming week will be a busy one. Phil and I leave for Singapore early Tuesday morning. We'll fly home overnight on Thursday. Not sure how much posts I'll well, post while we're gone, but I'll get you caught up when we return. Not sure what to expect in Singapore...I do know there is Long John Silver's there that I want to eat at. Yes, I know...seriously pathetic, but I'm serious when I say that I don't like to try new foods, especially of the Oriental variety. Too many bad smells and slimy looking "meats".
On Sunday, our friends Dave and Amy come down from the states for a week's vacation. Very excited about that! We haven't seen them in a couple of years so it should be a good time had by all.


Jason Garwood said...

Hey Sandra! It's Mary (not Jason) The bib is in the wash as we speak!! He wears it often!
I can't wait for you to meet him, he is such a cute little guy! I took him into work the other day to see Robin and Joan. Kelly and Diana came to the hospital so they met him early! Countin' down the days til you come home :)

Taylor & Jessica said...

Yea, fun stuff ahead! Sox is looking forward to your being home!

c&v said...

Hey Phil,

Cricket is not for sissys. And there is nothing wrong with wearing a straw hat either when playing cricket. The purpose of the hat is to prevent sunburn from playing all day. They are the same things as baseball caps--they just happen to be a little bit bigger.

We thought of you guys yesterday. We ate lunch at the Outback. "No worries" was written on our coasters.

We look forward to seeing you guys. Sunday school class thinks of you guys all of the time.

c&v said...

Oh yeah,

Beth had a C-section today before 3:00p.m. our time. You may have already heard?