Friday, February 22, 2008

Inside the Toaster

Well, here you go inside look at our apartment in all of it's glory! The first picture is coming in from the hallway. Sorry it's a little dark, but you can get a glimpse of our great view. The whole wall there to the right is floor to ceiling mirrors. A wall o' mirrors, if you would. On the left wall is some "art"...really just a big squiggly line on a canvas.

The next picture as you walk into the apartment is of our "dining room". Check out the chairs...yep, they're plastic. I feel like I'm sitting on outdoor lawn furniture . We bought and constructed the little wooden computer desk from Ikea...very handy. The wall that the computer desk is next to is guessed it...another wall o' mirrors.

The next picture is of our "living room". Yes, lots of brown and orange. We moved the couch and seats around to make more sense. When we first arrived the chairs were on either side of the tv facing outward. How in the world are you supposed to watch tv like that? (said the American who watches a lot of tv.)

The next picture is looking into our kitchen which is behind the couch. I'm still trying to figure out the oven. The dial to turn it on only has little pictures to tell you what the dial is set on. I know, it sounds easy (and I understand the picture of the fan) but what is the fan and the squiggly line? Just the squiggly line? The one tray? Both trays? One tray and the fan? Still working on it...and of course the temperature is only listed on that dial in Celsius. Still working on that conversion as well. Don't get me started about the dishwasher's pictures either. (The dishwasher is under the bar just to the left of the sink if you're in the kitchen. ) A pot on one tray? A bowl with two trays? A glass alongside a coffee mug? A wire bristle brush? A snowflake? Yeah...what? And yes, the whole back wall of the kitchen is yet again a wall o' mirrors.

If you walk back toward the door, make a right, go into a tiny hallway you're facing the bathroom. If you turn right before you go into the bathroom...there's our bedroom. Behind the wall o'curtain are floor to ceiling windows as well as a sliding glass door to get out onto the balcony. And yes...the whole wall behind the bed is a wall o' mirrors.

There you have in the toaster.


Taylor & Jessica said...

We have that bedspread!!! (Do you like it??) But we changed it when we moved--it's too orange for Coverdale Lane. That is a pretty modern place...those bar stools look a little scary to me. By the time you come home, you'll be so used to all the mirrors, you'll start making mirror walls at home.

Taylor & Jessica said...

P.S. When you move home, if you miss Australia, we'll give you our old orange & white bedspread, okay?

Beavis said...

WOW! I would certainly get a complex walking around your place seeing myself from every possible angle! Who needs the 360 degree mirror with Stacy and Clinton?! You have arranged it well...I'm sure Architectural Digest would be impressed! Love the views and pics!! Miss and love you! Can't to see in less than a month!!!

Sandra said...

T n J- we actually knew that when we bought it- part of the reason that we bought it was we thought it was funny since you already had it!!

And since everything else in our apartment came from--- Ikea- we decided that when we needed some more stuff, that's where we'd head- and there it was!! We were wondering if you'd pick up the duplicate bed spread!!